Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picked up a black knight today

4 hour drive each way to Indianapolis, but it's home.  $750 is what he asked for it (he paid $800 9 years ago), and he had other people message him when I dragged my ass, but he did keep his word and not take other offers.  Now before you ask me how I found this steal of a deal, it needs work.  When I got there, it was sitting in the garage covered.  Right off the bat, I could see the rust on the inside of the legs (black paint on the outside, probably to cover rust).  No water damage on the back, that's good.  He pulls off the blanket, playfield has planking but no wear (not bad for an original playfield that's 32 years old).  Ok, that's a good sign, at least I can sand and touch it up easily.  Then I open up the backbox, boards look clean, no jacked connectors, no battery leak damage.  I fire it up, I get power, but no displays.  I decide even though the fuse holder is cracked off, maybe there's enough contact still if I bend it over.  I pop a new fuse in (since the old one is sitting at the bottom of the backbox), fire it up, I get displays.  Unfortunately, something is odd with the coinbox because a quarter gets jammed, and I don't see switches for the coin to hit, so I fumble and manage to get some credits up.  Unfortunately, the start button doesn't work (leaf switch is fouled up), but I mange to manually connect it and get a game started.  The flippers work (where they didn't before), but they are jacked.  They are loose as hell, and not really worth playing.  Also the balls aren't ejecting because.. get this, the solenoid is literally hanging from the playfield because the screws stripped out (which I will have to fill in).  So all in all, nothing that seems too difficult to repair, just needs a GOOD cleaning and a few things fixed and it might actually play somewhat normal again.

There is at least one cracked plastic, the backglass has some very minor flaking, but the cabinet is in good shape (just needs a little wood fill in black areas, the artwork is nearly perfect).

Where did I find it? Random non pinball collector who had one sitting in their garage not working decided to jump onto pinside, see who was looking for one in the chicago area, decided to message me. A few messages go back n forth, finally she posts photos in the sell market. I'm like "crap! now it's public!". So I finally call, and her husband answers last weekend. I explain I can't make it out that weekend, but can pick it up the following weekend on Sunday.

I'm sort of glad I was more prepared this time, bringing a toolbox with essentials (wrenches, screwdriver, fuses, multimeter, flashlight, drill with bits and extension cord (in case he went "whoops, I don't know where the keys are).  I wasn't about to drive 4 hours each way, only to find that I couldn't take something apart, or test to see how badly damaged it might have been (sellers aren't always so honest).

Here are some photos:

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