Friday, July 12, 2013

door actuator pinball - part 2

So even though I have so many projects, I've been jones-ing to finally hook up the stronger 10lb actuator to real pinball parts (stopped by pinball life today).  I have to say it's looking promising.  I need to still hook up the other side, wire it up to buttons, build a border around the edges, perhaps some slings, but at least this project is going somewhere.  Here's a quick video:


  1. interesting mechanism. Will more voltage make it stronger? I doubt you could launch a pinball up a ramp or to the top of a playfield as it is now, too weak. Can it hold 3 balls up?

  2. I've tried 24v, not sure it helped any (even though it's just a motor and more voltage should increase speed). I don't know if it would last at that voltage either. Might be a good low power option for an upper playfield.

  3. Hey Joe,
    Like the setup. I bought a couple of door actuators and wondering what the actuator is connected to on the backside? What did you use to convert the push to a spin?

  4. The actuator is connected to a standard pinball pawl from williams I believe. The rod on the actuator has an almost perfect slot to fit into the pawl, and then I just put a screw in to hold it. Push or pull is decided by voltage direction. If it's pushing and you want pull, reverse the wires.