Sunday, September 11, 2016

May be on hiatus again for 4-6 weeks

One of my dogs has been slowly been showing signs of age.  I'm kicking myself for not looking into insurance, but yesterday it got at it's worse.  He suddenly couldn't put any weight on his front right foot which freaked me out.  To top it off, my wife is out of town for work until this morning.  Anyway long story short, he had disc surgery last night which went very well but he's going to have to rest for the next 4-6 weeks (which means either crate, but I know he'll cry), or sitting with him making sure he doesn't try to jump.

Now granted, I may still be able to work on the layout on the computer, or model stuff in solidworks, but fabrication is likely not going to happen for a while since he'll need my attention.  My wife will likely take turns, but I just know leaving her alone with the dog probably isn't going to happen.

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