Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pinball theme

The ultimate question.  What theme would be the coolest?  What would bring you joy to keep you motivated to keep working on it?  I thought office space would be neat.

Think about it.  You could have the fax machine getting banged around by the ball while an audio bite played "PC LOAD LETTER? WTF DOES THAT MEAN?!"  You could have a lower playing field like blackhole

And then play the soundbite of Lumberg talking to Milton "Yeaaah.. we're moving some new people in, so your going to need to go ahead and move all your stuff to the basement"

Of course, probably a funnier theme that would fit a pinball title would be Tommy boy.. something like this:
Have a blue GTX in the middle of the playing field, everytime you hit it, it plays chris farley going "What'd you do?"  And then you could have that scene where Tommy is in the buyer's office and starts messing with the cars on his desk

Or how about when Spade starts beating Chris with the 2x4?

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