Friday, September 4, 2015

getting back on track

Ok so it's been a crazy couple of months.  I bought a freddy about 6 weeks ago, shopped it out, built a custom topper, and designed an LCD mod that runs off raspberry pi (movie clips play on a TV in the corner).  Then a couple weeks later, I find a deal on a street fighter.  Shopped THAT out, also currently building an LCD mod (SF2 cabinet 3d printed, runs off 5v in the backbox).  So THEN, my AMH finally finishes being built, and that's been played to death (it's currently upstairs).  Well just last night, I finally cleaned up my blue october area.  I had tools and parts lying all over the ground underneath and in front, sandpaper and various parts sitting on the playfield.  I brought some plastic bins that weren't being used up from the basement, and put nearly everything away, and now my area is clear again to continue working.  Last time I left off, I was veering away from the curved shooter lane and building a ramp to go over the record player area.  I still want to somehow implement a skillshot.

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