Tuesday, January 6, 2015

waiting is the hardest part

So the tracking on my 48v power supply finally shows movement, expecting it tomorrow.  Depending on whether I'm motivated tonight (it's getting below zero tonight), I may get the 3rd flipper and the ball trough solenoid wired up.

One thing I've been reluctant to mess with any more is the slings.  They aren't completely necessary to be powered during testing, but they need to be in the game.  My issue is I'm using sling assemblies from a 1978 Stern memory lane, and it's like 3-4 pieces that all need to be assembled in the right position, otherwise I'll get rubbing, or the arm will stick out too far and the ball will be hitting the arm, not the rubber.  My playfield has been turning into swiss cheese underneath because I can't quite get the position right.  Well I decided to do a search for a sling assembly.  Surely if boutique and hobbyists are building small runs of pinballs, they aren't piecing together sling assemblies.  Sure enough, there does exist a full assembly sling just like flippers, though it's a Data East/Sega/Stern assembly.  Do I care?  Nope.  Pinball life sells them for just $45:

The advantage of a sub-assembly is not only does it ensure it works as designed, but it makes it easier to replace in the future, and it also means I only need the 3 holes (1 for the arm, 2 for the switches on each side).  Stick the assembly through the playfield, mark the holes, and mount it.  If I make some brackets, I can also swap out the leaf switches for the cherry switches I have (DEATH TO LEAF SWITCHES!)

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