Sunday, October 5, 2014

10.05.14 update - cabinet

Decided to finish assembling the cabinet.  Got the legs re-painted yesterday.  Had to re-adjust the position of a couple of the inner threaded plates for the legs.  I was stupid to trust my eye to line them up, if I were smart I would have stuck a bolt into the hole to not only act as a way to hold the bracket, but to line them up.

First comment from my wife as she walks by "I don't like the backbox, it's too narrow".  Now that I see it all together, I think I agree.  I only made a narrow backbox so that the LCD wouldn't have borders, but I think it looks sorta goofy.  I think it might also look weird when it's got a gap between backboxes in a line because you need space for the flipper buttons.  So most likely I'll be soon sanding down the backbox it came with.

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