Saturday, August 6, 2016

3d print design progressing

So I've added walls, an updated shooter lane, a wall to prevent the ball from popping out of the shooter lane (but allow a plunger to go through).  I've also split the trough into 2 pieces.  The entry ramp goes up to the surface so the ball doesn't drop and wear out the edge of the playfield.  This dumps into a main trough.  I've got everything 3d printed but the 2 left walls (which I just finished modeling).  If you're curious why some walls are split up, it's because my 3d printer platform is 6" x 9" (as most are unless you have a TAZ printer which is only marginally larger).  I'm going to cut plywood tomorrow, and only 10" of height because I have a scrap piece of wood I don't mind using to test out proof of concept.  I also need to buy some 1/4" x 1" balsa strips for the side rails.  I know typically 1/2" is used, but I think using #6 wood screws that 1/4" should still work for walls and conserve space.

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