Thursday, August 25, 2016

loop ramp 3d printed, it's better?

Still getting some ricocheting effect, which could be due to not having a fillet transition from the flared opening into the corkscrew.  It makes the loop about half the time, but it may be less than that when trying to aim for it with a flipper (I should temporarily mount it and try).  I think I'm going to make some tweaks and print another one tomorrow.  I think the roughness of the print may be slowing the ball down too, which could be easily remedied by adding a strip of steel that follows the path all the way through. to smooth it out.

Here's a quick video:

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  1. I'm sure that you've thought of this, but try keeping the sides smooth. It seems the transition from the flaring to the loop is causing the ball to ricochet. In miniature golf, they don't flare, but slowly reduce the width, so each side is continuous and there aren't any discontinuities in the wall. (Does that make any sense at all?) Heck, I'm just amazed that you can print something like that. Man, I should ask you to reprint some of my shuffle bowler fake pins.