Friday, March 20, 2015

Update March 20th - Spring ahead

Alright so I decided to go ahead and print a 1:1 of my layout.  Although I do have a large format printer at work, I hate using that sort of work paper for my own stuff, so what I usually do is print sections on 11x17, then tape them together.  I cut sections to get my wall locations onto the wood, major objects like the record player, flipper location.  Just holding a flipper bat and spinning it with my fingers to see how well the middle flipper could hit shots, it seems ok.  I'm definitely going to have to move the organ captive ball ramp over, it's obstructed by the flipper mech (another reason to model everything, even the mechs).  The vuk is slightly offset because I know the upper playfield is going to grow out a little bit, but I'll cut that new playfield first before I cut my VUK hole in the main playfield.
Here's my progress so far.  I've added a wall for the right outlane, a wall for the shooter lane / record player (ball will head to the upper left where it needs to be on a hard plunge), and I added a small wall around the left flipper switch in case I'm testing with the apron off.  I'm just afraid of the ball shorting out that switch.  You'll also notice that I have plastics with artwork on the slings.  My technique worked pretty well, they look almost professional.  Read more about it on the pinballmaker wiki:

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