Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blue october update

I realized I haven't yet posted a picture of the playfield layout I have so far from solidworks.  I haven't done a ton of work on it (I think I might want to do a mockup with foam before I get too far), but this is what it looks like:

I had concerns with having the left ramp bringing the ball all the way to the right lane.  Even though I think the waterfall ramp will give the ball plenty of speed, I don't want balls getting stuck.  Plus I had the ephiphany that the ramp can become a lowercase "b" to spell out the band's name (very much like Data East's GNR).

Other features:
The shooter lane will be very much like black knight, which brings it to an upper playfield (18th floor balcony).  I want a lower 3rd playfield that will represent "into the ocean".  I have a few other ideas for tying in songs, but this is what I have so far.

On a positive note, I received some boards from another DIY guy who is working on some custom pinball hardware which will drive all the extra flippers and VUK's that my 1978 Stern memory lane can't possibly support.  Follow his blog here:


  1. Looks 99% identical to the white water ramp. I assume it is, since you called it the waterfall ramp.

    Looks like your going for a Gottlieb Haunted House style.

    1. Yes, the left ramp is very much copied from "whitewater", as this is one of my favorite features in a pinball. The upper playfield is very similiar to black knight (which I own), and the lower playfield is very much borrowed from haunted house / black hole. The spinning disc is borrowed from Totan / Avengers, which was originally borrowed from an EM game. I don't expect to be super innovative for my first build, I just want to build something that works and ties into the theme.