Friday, June 27, 2014

backbox fabbed

Well it's done.  Gaps are bigger than I wanted, I think I needed to make the dowel holes a bit deeper.  But with glue filling them, sanding the transitions, and adding some paint / decals it should look fine.  Mounted the speakers tilted down so the sound hits you.  I did have to add 4 screws to help stiffen up the joints a bit.  2 dowels per joint was just not sufficient.  I still need to drill the mounting holes that line up with the cabinet threads, and add a cutout in the center to route cables through.

Also got the siderails done.  Was going to use the bandsaw, but a co-worker told me maintenance has a shear for straight cuts.  It was only 36" wide (which makes it hard to cut since my piece was 36" plus I'm cutting at an angle), but after splitting up a 12" wide piece it fit just fine.

Basically I'm doing this to not only not worry about my gaps between playfield and cabinet, but I can add sideart without worrying that I'm going to scratch it (it's part of the playfield).  And bonus, in theory, I could play a game completely outside the cabinet since it will be completely enclosed.

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