Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good lord it's June already??

Life's been busy.  Traveled one weekend to Tennessee, spent the next weekend rebuilding the garden, spent the weekend after that at a friend's funeral.  Well, I got exciting news for you.. I cut the plywood for the playfield:
Told you it was exciting (NOT).  I mean, I basically took a 2' x 4' piece and trimmed it down to 45" long x 20-1/4" wide.  My first cut ripped the edge pretty bad (glad I started long at 46"), then remembered back to my wood shop days that adding some masking tape holds it together.  I had to stop mid-way on the long side, which created a slight jagged.  I'm figuring I"m gonna have to sand the edges no matter what.

I left a 1/8" gap on each side which sounds like a lot, but I'm also intending to add side rails into the playfield (photos later).  Basically imagine mirror blades made from 1/16" aluminum permanently mounted to the side of the playfield rather than the cabinet.  If there's one thing I hate in pinball it's how tight playfields are from the cabinet, which inevitably causes scratches to happen.

Once I get the wood sanded down, I'm going to start populating the basic parts.  Probably going to export my solidworks layout to paper 1:1 scale.

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