Friday, June 20, 2014

Got wood?

After building about 9-10 six inch wide boxes for our square garden (potatoes have been growing like gangbusters), I'm getting pretty comfy with the saw.  Today I went ahead and sanded the edges of the playfield and it cleaned up nice.

 I printed most of the playfield art on the plotter at work so I can overlay it to get my hole positions.
I also cut the outer box for the new backbox, and added radius to the outer edges using my router.

I'll get the speaker panel cut tomorrow, I simply ran out of sunlight today.

I've also started shopping around for a violin for the playfield.  Looks like I want an 1/8 scale (about 5" wide).  I can buy one on ebay (natural wood, or a variety of colors including purple) for $30 + $18 shipping.  That isn't bad considering it's a REAL violin.  Maybe not top of the line, but it's fully functional craftsmanship.  Still going to hunt for something a little cheaper, maybe I'll run into a used one.  Also been thinking I should remove all the strings, paint strings back in on the middle, but then make some wireform walls out of stainless (so it still looks like strings that blend in, but it keeps the ball from falling off the side).

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